Garage Renovation Ideas

Converting your garage is an excellent way to increase your home’s living space without you and your family having to move! A renovated garage provides you the opportunity to customize your space to perfectly accommodate your needs. Here’s some ideas to transform your underutilized garage into an updated, functional living space.


If you have a growing family, or simply wish to add an additional / guest bedroom to your home, a converted garage is a great option for a family that wishes to stay in their current home.

Home Gym

With access to gyms being limited due to COVID, many people have decided to bring the gym to their home. Home gyms also save you money on memberships and travel, while encouraging you to work out more frequently!

Home Office

If you’re like so many others who have found themselves working from home for the foreseeable future, it might be time you consider a proper home office!

Apartment or Guest House

Converting a garage into a mini apartment or guest house is a great option if you frequently have company staying with you or if you want to rent out the space as an additional source of income. It’s also great choice if you have an older relative moving in with you who might want give some privacy while keeping them close to home

Living room / Lounge

If you’re in need of additional space to relax or entertain company, turning an underutilized garage into a living room will help you to get the most use out of your home.

Man Cave

Give yourself the personal space you need with the man cave you’ve always dreamed of.

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