Half Bath Remodeling Tips

1. Save Space

Half bathrooms generally don’t have a ton of space, but they don’t need much either. For tinier washrooms, forego the under-sink storage with trough or pedestal style sinks to open up your bathroom. If you do opt for cabinets under your sink, go for one with a shallower design to save floor space. For extra small half baths, avoid excessive shelves, racks, and baskets when decorating. 

2. Stick With Small Tiles

When selecting your flooring, go with smaller tiles. Large tiles can make the room appear cramped while smaller ones give the illusion of a larger, more spacious layout.

3. Switch Up Your Layout

More often than not, you’ll be able to switch up your layout during a bathroom renovation. Often, plumbers design bathrooms in the way that was easiest to install instead of the most functional. While it can be a bit more costly to renovate, a more efficient layout can make your powder room more comfortable to navigate. Consider opting for a corner sink, and keep all fixtures away from the door.

4. Good Lighting

Good lighting is critical in smaller rooms. Dim lighting can make a room appear small and dingy, but overly bright lighting is a no-go, too. Properly placed mirrors can help brighten a room while also helping it to appear larger.

5. Utilize Your Walls

For smaller rooms, keep things off the floor and utilize shelving. Floating shelves paired with floating sinks will give your bathroom a modern feel while saving space. Hanging additional mirrors or adding / expanding a window will also brighten up the place and make it feel larger! Lighter wall colors can also help your half bath appear larger, but don’t be afraid to be creative and go bold with your bathroom. Unusual color schemes and patterns can be a unique accent to an otherwise traditional home.

6. Hire A Professional

The DIY approach is an appealing way to cut costs, but for all renovations beyond a fresh coat of paint, it’s best to bring in the professionals. Tile laid improperly is prone to cracks, and fixtures like sinks and toilets should be installed by plumbing professionals to avoid leaks and all associated problems. Just make sure whatever contractor you go with has up-to-date licensing!

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